Package Design: Design Essentials Natural

An essential part of marketing is good old fashion package design. The way a product looks is truly where the rubber meets the jimmy, so to speak. So I wanted to start showcasing some of the more interesting design work here. Now it's very hard to find good package design for the black community but that's rapidly changing. Marketers are beginning to see the visual front of their efforts are not to be abandoned any longer as the shelves heat up and sales are made at the direct eye and lost at the side-eye.

Design Essential has maintained a simple look for years and amongst it's busier competitors they look down right elegant. With Design Essentials Natural, although only sold in salons they recognize the need to look sharp. It's hard to find who to give credit for the package design as the AA brands and agencies tend to be rather conservative about announcing who did what, when & where. But over all this is a nice job.

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