Old Spice goes from Good to Grizzly

Now we all know topping Old Spice's recent track record won't be easy. So much so, we don't expect it. But dang -- come on, what is going on here. It's as if the same shop isn't working on this project anymore. Someone brought up a great point; it's football season and they are now catering to this segment. To that I say, smart change of direction. The 'Man' campaign was initially targeted to women... and some men. But it actually garned wider attention because the combination of writing, concept, planning, acting, acting & acting made for the perfect brew of ad-awesomeness. Which I must say makes anything that may follow an easy target for criticism. I mean who remembers what Wendy's aired after 'where's the beef' or what band-aid brand will do after 'stuck on a band-aid?' Even if you watched these Ray Lewis spots just on their own merits, they are mostly forgettable. However I think they work for the moment and that just may be enough. Not everything needs to be an instant classic.

See the commercial after the jump.

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