Canon makes sculptures from ink

Dentsu London has just launched a beautiful project promoting its new line of Canon Pixma printers.
Done in collaboration with the biochemical / photographer Linden Gledhill, the project called "Sound Sculptures" can be considered surreal, capturing paints simply dancing through the waves of sound. All captured with maximum detail and color. The agency came to Linden through its project called "Water Figures", which became known worldwide, and would fit perfectly to the concept "bringing color to life," used by the Canon PIXMA printers.
The photographs and filming took place using a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon EF 100mm Macro USM.

See how this was all created after the jump.

The amazing effect you will see below have been possible to put a bubble next to the speakers, so dropping small drops of different inks in its center. When playing a single note on the jukebox, the effect is ready to be captured. Animal.

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