Old Navy can read your Booty?

Well, black folks, women in particular ya'll done gone and popularized your posteriors and now all folks not only want them & some have even become so called experts on them. I say that with a grain of a*s salt knowing that the good folks at Old Navy and their agency filled with (I'm guessing) mostly flat butts are only occasional-onion-oglers and lack the credentials to truly sum up "that thang." Surely enough after one quick spin the their handy dandy new assifier, the results are less than bountiful. After showing your butt they give it signs like 'Bodonkadonkus'?

[NOTE: The black mannequin makes an appearance here]
Once again this is where a little more diversity of As*ess would have made all the damn  difference. Brothers & Sisters have been illuminating the rear parts eons. The whole site is missing the curves & the swerves that truly define the Queendom of Boo-Tah. These folks don't understand how from the slimmest to the grandest they are considered APB's (All Points Booty). We understand the finer points of the hinder parts as well as the quadratic ratio of hips to waist as it relates to the polynomial Quantity, Structure, Space & Engineering of  a*s applied mathematics.

Have your Booty read by rank & file amateurs here

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