Jamaicans train hard to impregnate blonds

No hidden messages here, nothing to fear. Just people who happened to fall in love over the sport of bobsledding. I think. The earlier spots from 2000-2001 shows the sledders practicing in 'earnest' if not comical and unconventional means. The almost ten year old commercial were also funny. The call back between the two is nice but the punch-line on the latest one may be controversial (at least around here). Or maybe not, is this spot worth the inevitable race debate that is kicking off in Italian on youtube? One gentleman went so far as to say;

come volevasi dimostrare nn sai di cosa parli e errori grammaticali nn ne hai trovati, daltronde stai parlando con una persona di livello culturale nettamente superiore al tuo,oltre a poter essere tua zia o la tua sorella maggiore. ti ripeto di lasciar perdere i discorsi troppo grandi per te e di tornare a giocare con i big jim,a meno che tu non preferisca le baribie visto il danno che madre natura ti ha fatto
I was all like whaaaa...?
It didn't seem to be done in any malice. Is it offensive to Jamaican women? Should I just leave it alone?

Original spot below.

Leo Burnett, Italy
Creative Directors: Paolo Dematteis, Riccardo Robiglio
ACD/AD: Marco Gucciardi
Copywriter: Julie Carpinelli
Account Director: Riccardo Vavala
Head of TV/Producer: Riccardo Biancorosso
Production Company: FilmMaster
Director: David Kellogg (of Anonymous Content)
DP: Janusz Kaminski
EP: Karim Bartoletti
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