GlobalHue Maps the Cultural New America (Take that Columbus!)

Leading multicultural advertising agency sees a blurring of ethnic boundaries in a more culturally diverse nation

GlobalHue, the nation’s largest multicultural advertising agency, today revealed the results of a new U.S. survey of four major population segments, creating a comprehensive cultural map of a rapidly changing nation and providing marketers with new information on consumers in the New America.

Surveying people in African-American, Hispanic, Asian and non-Hispanic White segments, “Multicultural Nation: Divergence and Convergence in the New America”, arrives at three major findings.

First, the research points to increasing complexity within distinct segments, identifying eight subsegments for each of the four segments surveyed. The breakdown of the New America into these 32 subsegments suggests that commonly held assumptions about different groups, from which most marketers operate today, are irrelevant and risky in a rapidly changing and diversified consumer market.

Second, despite enduring cultural differences between people in the four segments, the report identifies mixed-ethnicity clusters of like-minded Americans converging in seven macrosegments, representing clusters of consumers grouped around highest common denominators. These macrosegments capture mindsets, beliefs and values that impact consumers’ feelings of optimism and pessimism and influence the degree of engagement in their communities. For example, the macrosegment titled Haves represents 20% of the U.S. population, or 71 million people. It is the most optimistic and engaged group and enjoys the best economic and educational level. This segment, the most attractive initially for any marketer, is also the most balanced across ethnicities: Asian, 31%; Hispanic, 16.5%; African American, 21.5%; and non-Hispanic Whites, 16%. For reference, see the GlobalHue infographics titled “Sifting The Data” ( ) and “Macrosegments” ( ).

“To understand the New America today requires more than a single cultural lens,” says Don Coleman, Chairman of GlobalHue. “Instead, it is as meaningful to look for cross-ethnicity similarities as it is to acknowledge cultural differences. With this report, marketers can clearly see a path for connecting with consumer segments from different groups simultaneously through cultural relevance.”

This is SUPER! But hey, where's the really slick motion graphics piece with the culturally elusive narration??? That's how you get the ad industry excited! Call me Don, we'll talk.

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