Democrats Flee Obama JetBlue Style

Ken Wheaton
Here's an online ad from the Republican National Committee that makes a timely joke. So timely, in fact, that New York Mag's Dan Amira points out it will probably "be dated in about three hours." That was three hours ago and, yeah, while I like to laugh at Barack Obama as much as the next guy, about the only part I really laughed at was the Dean scream. (Though I have to wonder if having Obama talk like Ike, Terrence and Phillip from "South Park," is the RNC's subtle way of hinting that the president is actually a Canadian.)


Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Why? Just Why?

AgapiStudios said...

I didn't realize the color black only referred to skin .. huh?

Event Planner Software said...

Why did obama choose the Air Force Plane???