TMobile: Road Trip

The new T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide comes with the Genius button. Just press it and tell the phone what you want. Like magic, you can find the nearest ice cream parlor, outlet malls & your daddy.

It seems to be making waves about the ethnicity of the father (whether he is black or not) and if this is a new frontier in advertising featuring an interracial family with a black woman. They end the spot with, "It's how family's stick together." I do think it would be an interesting choice for casting. But no more interesting than real life in the real world, which we should be advertising to any ways. 

Now, for me personally, I don't think it matters what color the "Dad" is. A family is a family. But at a close glance, thanks to the marvels of HD youtube, he appears to be a very light-skinned black man. Not that it matters.

Special shout to K. Q. for sending this.

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