Nike Sportswear Presents: Teaser from "Umbabarauma"

A new version of "Ponta de Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)," classic Jorge Ben Jor, will be launched soon. Ben Jor re-recorded the song in March, in partnership with Mano Brown, taking the Negresko Sis - Heaven trio formed by singers, and Thalma Anelis Assumpção de Freitas - like backing vocals.

The project, sponsored by Nike Sportswear, gathered 11 people (of course, in a reference to a football team) outside the aforementioned Gabriel Ben Menezes, Duane Martin, Gustavo Moon and Pupillo. Besides the new version of the song, the weeks in which the team was reunited in the studio YB, Sao Paulo, will also yield a documentary and a clip, and the band will also be sold (CD and digital) and your income reversed pro Community FC a social project in which Mano Brown is involved, as well as being distributed among DJs and influencers in the form of vinyl packaged in special box.
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