Is this the Poster for Tyler Perry's; For Colored Girls

I'm sure you've heard by now the classic play is up for a Tyler Perry make-over. The purist are up in arms and afraid TP will put a Madea spin on it and lead many a young lady to the ledge. But you have to remember he had a very gentle hand in the promoting of Precious and according to the Academy of Arts & Sciences it was an Oscar nod worthy production. So he has history with keeping things as they were. But the fact of the matter is this is not (yet) the poster or even the teaser poster for the new movie.

A brilliant artist by the name of Tatyana Fazlalizdeh put paint to canvas, imagination to artistry & will to power to create her own vision version of how lovely the poster could be. We think it should be the poster for the movie. After all there is about one very actively working movie poster designer who happens to be black. Here's a chance to launch this greattalent onto a bigger brighter stage. What do you think Tyler Perry? can we give the Sister a shot?

See the interview with Ms. Fazlalizadeh below

T a t y a n a  F a z l a l i z a d e h
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