Haiti Poster Project

The Haiti Poster Project that was launched three days after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The project is a collaborative effort by the design community to help effect change through our work. Signed and numbered, limited edition posters have been donated by designers and artists from around the world. All money raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

This of course touched our hearts and we just started making sketches and ideas right away. We talked about the ideas and came up with writing words with band-aid on the back of a naked black girl. First of, we would just manipulate the band-aids on a stock photo in Photoshop, but then we thought the idea was too good, not to all the way with it.

We contacted some friends who knew people and two of them came up with the same cute model, Rute. We called her and she was in on it right away and she had worked with a photographer, who would work for charity too. And she even had her own make-up artist who was kind enough to play along. So a couple of hours one night we wrote words in band-aid on Rute’s back and shoot her a couple hundred times until we where satisfied.

We are very pleased to introduced the final posters ready for purchase online right here and please share this link:
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