I really dig the ad campaign Karsh + Hagan created for American Crew. The purpose of the campaign is to start a conversation with the audience about what causes hair loss. Its unique media buy helps draw the viewer into the messaging.

HOWEVER, HUGE HOWEVER, painting over one of Conor Harrington’s incredible murals, which has been respected and untouched on the corner of 13th and Washington, in NYC (one company even had the courtesy to paint their ad on a sheet of removable particle board so it wouldn’t harm it) since 2008’s Outsiders show. So by painting over this incredible street art, the appropriate question would be, “Does ruining incredible street art cause hair loss?” At least if that was the question, they would be recognizing this significance of this piece. And honestly, the messaging would get a lot of attention b/c of the vulnerability of street art. Instead, the art community rolls their eyes at advertising and it does nothing but pisses off the hair-bearing youth who will eventually grow into your demographic. Shouldn’t they be doing stencils on golf courses or malls anyway?
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