MTV Masters: 50 cent, Kurt

50 Cent
New York in May 2000. Curtis Jackson needs to finally make a decision. Rap or crack? In financial terms, there's something to be said for sticking with dealing. He's also taking kids off the streets by doing it. The fact that he’s sending them straight underground, however, bothers him. But nobody wants to hear the songs in which he wants to deal with that it. So, increasingly, he lets his fists do the talking. Until one day somebody answers him with an automatic weapon. He learned how to put up with a lot while in the slammer. But nine bullets are too many, even for him. New York in May 2000: Curtis Jackson opts for rap, with starting capital of 50 cents.
Kurt Cobain
Aberdeen in February 1981: on his fourteenth birthday, a lanky young man is faced with a decision. Bicycle or guitar? If the opts for the bike, he’ll save himself bloody fingers and stress from the neighbours. He doesn't spare himself the stress with ignorant assholes. He doesn't keep still, but he's too quiet. His self doubt about growing ever stronger. As are the pains in his stomach. He doesn't find an outlet, but he does discover heroin. He takes high doses and goes right down. A shotgun prevents the impact. Aberdeen in February 1981. Kurt Cobain decides against the bicycle.


Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Armin Jochum, Götz Ulmer
Art Directors: Angela Bolliger, Johannes Riffelmacher
Copywriters: Jonathan Schröder, Christian Suntinger
Photographers: Stephan Försterling, Marco Pape
Typography: Angela Bolliger, Johannes Riffelmacher
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