Kia: A new way to roll

The shop called David&Goliath have these hamsters rocking the fug out. And they do it in a pretty convincing hip hop fashion. They pay homage to a great semi-classic track by The Black Sheep, its kind of ironic since their was a black ad shop once that was called "Black Sheep" (SHOUTS to Tobi, Marlon & Retta.) In the course of doing all this vehicle hocking we see these car-hood-rats slide through a vinyl shop, a car wash, the basketball court & barber shop, "Who's a black rat?" BTW, they live on "Hamsterdam Ave," rock Hoodies 'n Tims & wear warm-ups, nice touch. All of those locales are pretty cliche but they aren't romanced in the spot as much as they are referenced. The spot is so well done that it seems to be nit picky and a bit small minded to concern myself with rather or not its offensive to Hip Hop culture or Black people in general. It's obvious the agency has done their homework on this piece. Of course there is no lack of subject matter to study, but they took the time to do it. The moves the CGI hamsters make are pretty convincing, and no easy feat, the gear, an easy study but studied non-the-less. Thank god they also avoided the dreaded copywriter as lyricist dead-end, go get you rap career started on your own time home-dude.

In the older spots I def felt the furry cuzzys were borrowing a bit of African American swag (can I still say swag?), but just enough to make them cool and not too common guy lame. But here they step it up considerably and make it work harder and funk just a lil bit better. Every little move had to be studied, copied and corrected. They were like, 'how would a black guy move if he were a hamster in a 90's rap video hocking matchbox cars??' Somebody at this shop is studying black peoples movements, mannerisms & culture like FBI video tape son! That's a little creepy.

Was it a diss? I think not, however, I did raise an eyebrow at first, but it just sorta melted into an adman's understandingly agreeable grin. This will do well with its intended audiences. Let's see if it moves some Souls. Somebody still maybe more offended than me and well that's what that lil comment button is for. After all you just can't go around de-anthropomorphizing black folks all willy-nilly.

Mookie n 'Nem say...

Kia's new Black Rat Sheep joint is stoopid dope.  Call us at 1-800-HATERADE if you disagree.  We'll come over and knock the taste back into your head until you come to your senses and appreciate this artful communication.

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