Super SFIV: Artist Series Campaign

Check-out our fresh new ad campaign consisting of five different print ads, each one featuring the talent of an emerging artist. We worked with our agency Ammirati (who also did the awesome stop-motion Tatsunoko VS. Capcom TV spot) to create these. The artists (in order of appearance: 123Klan, Dalek, Futura, Cody Hudson and Grotesk! Scroll down for all five!

This idea started about a year ago, but really didn't come into fruition until early this year. Some back story....Ono-san, the SSFIV producer, has always said that SFIV is like "art". This is evident in the rebirth of the SF franchise with the heavy emphasis on various artistic styles seen in the original SFIV push. Each promo video featured a different art style (such as "sumi-e" ink, watercolor, "sand", etc.) and this was translated into the game as well, where every focus attack was complemented with a dose of beautifully rendered ink splatters.

From Cap-Com
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