Nike chase by ilovedust

ilovedust worked with AKQA in San Francisco to create an animation as part of a campaign for the new Sister One range from Nike for the South East Asia market. Once they finished the spot they decided to tweak it here and there for their own portfolio and what was once a 45 second piece featuring a girl dancing turned into a 1:20 epic video, about a girl-turned-superhero outsmarting an enraged robot through the center of a Tokyo-inspired Metropolis. ilovedust

Mookie n 'Nem say...

Mere words can't describe how beautiful and visually stunning this animation is.  It's like a calla lily blooming in May.  It's like Mom, back in the day, waking you up early Saturday morning so you won't miss your favorite cartoon.  It's like waiting in line overnight to be the first one to cop your favorite comic book.

Just beautiful.  Perfect.  And awe inspiring.

Oh my goodness, we just came.

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