Fela: The Musical

This is an absolute must see! Jay-Z, Will & Jada Smith presents Fela! I'm told ?uesto of the Roots has a hand in the production of this as well. This is a very visually intriguing promo, I'm sold.

Mookie n 'Nem say...

Now, we know who FELA is. So based on this spot for FELA, we want to love it, embrace it and scream for joy over it, but we didn't. The viewer will have no idea what the show is about. Nor what the story is. Nor have any idea why he or she should see it except for the fact Black folks are getting paid on Broadway. In order to be successful, FELA is going to need a lot more than that going for it. We're just now coming out of a depression. Black folks can't buy all of the tickets!

Now, when we watched the Opening Night trailer, our souls were set on fire. ?uestlove? Jigga? Spike? Harry? Bill T. Jones? To steal from Ed Lover, "C'mon, Son! Get the %#@& outta here if you don't want to see FELA! Even the white lady said, "It's the beginning of the African Renaissance." Say word!

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