Dr. Martens makes tracks & breaks tracks

For their 50th anniversary Dr. Martens the famous "Punky" boot maker recruits a few great new artist like DaM FunK (covering The Human Legue) and the Noisettess (remake The Buzzcocks) to cover some funky tunes for re-release.

Over all they asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track which represents the spirit of the people who've worn DM's over the past 50 years. They also asked 10 directors to make videos for each of the tracks.

More here.

Mookie n 'Nem say...

We are Doc Marten fans.  DMs are the European equilavent of America's Timberlands.  The big blocky boots are all about rebel yell, punk the world and say, "I'm kicking ass and taking names!"  But this campaign is anything but.  DMs are all about originality, but this campaign is, again, anything but!  How many more remakes does your iPod need?  Does the world really need another group of musical artists remaking a bunch of other music artists' hits?  That's been done to death.  That ain't fresh!  And we don't believe the objective of DMs' marketing team is to be as appealing as 50-year-old bread.
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