AT&T: Swag

Sanders\Wingo drops a humorous spot that cleverly illustrates the high rate of change on the internet and on peoples backs these days. I like the use of the changing outfits as a device to illustrate the speed of the phone and the network while making a great allusion to the mindset and habits of the target demographic. The actors are well cast. Good job.

Mookie n 'Nem say...

This AT&T spot is not the flyest spot on the air, but it feels 100. By that we mean it doesn't feel like some uncool, uncultured, unconnected stereotypical ad hacks did it. It's got some swag to it. However, it does feel like the creative team copped some inspiration while smoking a few Js and pressing rewind on The Wiz scene where Richard Pryor's character constantly changed the color of the land. Ain't no shame in that game!
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