2010 NBA: Where Amazing Happens

These have to be the funkiest spots of the year. Well, at least the first four months of the year. Televised sports are pretty incredible by their own merits. You would be too if someone gave you a hot track & would edit you down to the 30 seconds of the coolest sh*t you said or did all year. Like a slow-motion shot of you knocking over a cubicle wall and then righting it before anyone noticed. Or giving a quick aerial flip to your stapler and actually catching it. And who could forget when you accidentally double-banked a paper wad off the back of Fred from accounting across the far edge of the copier into the wastebasket you actually forgot was there. Yes you to would look like the sh*t; in your own well edited, obsessively combed through security tapes and slow-motioned for maximum effect intra-office high-light reel.
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