Freaknik: The Musical - T-Pain & DJ Drama clip

I'm sorry to say I was at the original freakniks or should I say they were 'at' me. By that I mean they were so damn huge they encompassed almost all of Atlanta and you couldn't go out of your house without being enveloped by some part of the gelatinous moving beast. It was all the hype they say it was and it was not quite as exciting as you heard at the same time. Most of the festivities were traffic jams, that would spontaneously combust into searing, raunchy, funky, torrid, partially or almost fully naked, well, traffic JAMS! Outside of some really good park parties in the early year(s) of Freaknik, it was mostly Atlanta City government trying to get out of Freaknik. The revelry was unconfined and without direction. In some ways that made it exciting. In most ways, you just found yourself stuck in traffic for hours when you lived just blocks away. That annoyance would be temporarily eased by someone getting out of their car half naked and dancing a modern day jig that would set off a battle of the stereos on a public thoroughfare that would make Bambatta proud.

This animated show seems to in some ways capture the spirit of what was really going on at the time. I just hate to revisit the time of "Bitches & Hoes" "Punks & N's" so ecstatically. This could be a fun piece of animation to watch. But the language and degradation it seems to be based upon only bring out the worst of what Freaknik was and could have been. We deserve to have something like Freaknik every year. Dance, drink, play, laugh, get your freaknik on, if you so choose, life should be fun. The devolution I can do without.
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