Emancipate Oluwakemi: Emancipation Interpreted

Here's a favorite blogger/artist/sojourner I've been peeping for a while. She's been documenting her own personal transformation online for us all to indulge our voyeuristic tendencies... or is it just me? Well, at any rate, her journey has left as evidence of her growth these wonderful visual "mindmarks®" she calls the 'Nine Tenets'. Here's what she has to say about them.

"And then there was nine. “That’s a whole lot of Oluwakemi,” I thought to myself as I wrapped up the very last poster. And after all that work (which, mostly consisted of research, comtemplation, modeling for Moja Ma’at – the contributing photographer and sketching), I remembered once again why I am the subject of this series. It seems very post modern to be the subject of my art but for quite a few years I was not the subject of my life. I had removed myself from my life in an attempt to place myself in my future, the future I wanted, the life I wanted. What I have come to see know is that everything I need, to have and give what I want, is right here – right now. So in creating these pieces, I theoretically reintroduced myself into my life through these tenets . . .okay that sounded really post modern. To translate – in the past I had allowed myself to become invisble (I hated being in pictures, I never wanted to be the center of attention, etc.) and in reclaiming my identity and my freedom, I am becoming visible (doing a photoshoot, publicizing that photoshoot through this blog, moving forward with my passion to be creative and to serve). That kind of sounded post modern too, but hopefully you get my gist. Check in with me tomorrow when this series will be available for purchase to help me move forward and the organizations I support do the same."

See more of the Emancipation of Oluwakemi and purchase the posters here.
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