The VIZIO commercial featuring Beyonce, the Twitter bird, and Internet sensations Chocolate Rain, Numa Numa, and David After the Dentist. This commercial was not the funniest or the best of the night. I must say I thought it was great for the brand. It almost redefined the TV and made me grossly aware of their products capabilities. They really showed a lot of things you like about the web and cleverly crammed it into tv sets. 
To add to the smart advertising, Vizio actually became a trending topic onTwitter! To me a brand couldn't ask for much more. Mind you they became a trending topic during the SBowl with millions of people online Tweeting! What a major coup!!!
So although it wasn't the funniest spot, which a lot of advertising people equate with advertising success, it achieved major online mentions and probably garnered a lot of brand recall. The hands down winner seemingly at this time.

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