While you wait for the flying car, Your magazine has arrived

Time Inc is delivering the future to your netbook in 2010 with it's new tablet formated maga-zing. They've brought dazzling content and a promise of future revenue to their industry and the wan advertising world in one fell swoop. Watch the video below and just imagine the freakability of this emerging platform. Edutainment, Infomercials, docu(ment)-dramas and a whole slew of super-hyphenated mega-coagulated new words and formats are coming your way faster than you can type a happy emoticon. Suddenly, the application skinny netbook as grown some booty worth looking at [sic].

So yeah Detavio, we should both get one.

I drooled over this at agencyspy who got it from AllthingsD who got it from somebody else who copied it from that other guy... who got it from me. (no sh*t)
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