Greenpeace: The Puddles

In China drinking unsafe water is common, especially in poorer and remote villages. There are about 300 million people with no access to clean drinking water and hence their lives are severely threatened. City folks could hardly relate to the situation. So Greenpeace urgently needs to raise awareness of this pressing issue among both local Chinese in big cities and foreign visitors. Target the city stickers with the message: Imagine if you had to drink contaminated water like your fellow citizens in the remote and poorer areas. Floor stickers – designed to resemble puddles of water – are placed in Beijing’s commercial and tourist districts. When pedestrians passes by and look down, they see the reflection of a poor child scooping from the poodle of dirty water and drinking it. The copy reads: “Every 17 minutes, a child in China dies from drinking polluted water”. During the campaign period, these floor stickers caught the attention of scores of pedestrians. They stopped to read the message and took note of the website address. There was a 20% increase in the number of hits on the Greenpeace website during the same period. Many curious passer-bys also took pictures of the “puddles” stickers.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Chee Guan Yue
Art Directors: Zhi Guo Zhou, Bin Bin Zhang, Gang Zhao, Ke Shen
Copywriter: Albion Li
Retouching: Alva Oh, Bin Bin Zhang
Photographers: Alex Kai Keong, Li Jian Zhang
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