Wanderlustings: Free Res!!!

One of my favorite "neo-soul" artist finally comes back! (I missed you gurl!) Res, the original hipster chick aka Fleetwood Black bangs out a new music space for herself along with a pretty-to-see digital booklet. Geffen Records had the sister on lock-down for years and she finally broke free, totally free, just like this new collection of songs. It's been since 2001 that she last released her funky fun first album and to make up to me personally for all my pining and whining, she gave me this one for free. Hooray for Me! For some reason she left the link open for you guys too... yeah you! But of course my narcissism won't allow me to believe she did that on purpose. So please download her free album that was just for me but, I don't think she'll mind if you enjoy it as well...
Special splendiforuos shout out to @Monamade for letting me know my album has arrived.

Some of her music that previously whet my ears.
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