Pine-Sol: Intensity

Who knew mopping could give you abs like that? That is one slavish looking mopper. She makes so much money cleaning floors that she can afford a floor cleaner of her own? I guess I'm glad she's not just a domestic any more. She pops up in the middle of the ocean near submarines and everything. But that "Aunt Jemimah," "Uncle Ben" air still lingers a bit.

Jennifer said...
L.O.L. I'm not sure what to make of this. I don't know that the mop guy looks looks like they've placed these two in a Harlequin (spelling?) Romance novel sort of. The guys gives off a black Fabio vibe (sans the hair). Interestingly, however, the handsome mopper never touches the woman, leaving me feeling like black women, large women, older women (together and as separate identities) are still seen in a sort of asexual way (not that some hip hop videos help, where hypersexuality/objectification is the order of the day)...although I suppose I should assume some progress since these two are at least in the same room and he smiled at her.

This leads me to the other question...what is the "Power of Pine Sol" get a good looking man to mop while you lay in the bed? It isn't moving. I don't think that's worth my $3.99 or whatever it costs. Now if that mopper dropped the mop and embraced the lovely lady, they might get some people to cough up the coins, lol!

That Jennifer's brilliant!
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