I am a huge supporter of Mr.Obama, but I feel that this was a bit premature, and frankly, not yet deserved.


It might be time to revoke Al Gore’s Nobel because global warming is still here.

Desmond Tutu should not have received his Nobel because apartheid didn’t end until after 10 years after he received, so that was definitely premature to give it to him since there’s still vestiges of racism in South Africa.

And all President Obama has done is prohibit the use of torture, sign an executive order to close CIA secret prisons, reverse U.S. policy by appointing a Special Envoy for Climate Change and increased fuel standards on automobiles so we don’t have to invade for oil, agreed to negotiation of a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, killed the missile shield project in Europe, which improved relations with Russia and prompted them to pressure Iran to open up their facilities to the IAEA, used diplomacy to free 2 American journalists from a North Korea prison, stayed out of Iran’s internal struggle so the U.S. could not be used as a diversionary tactic from Ahmedinejad’s electoral coup d’etat which prompted his supporters to switch from chanting “Death to America,” to chanting “Death to England,” a historic address to the Muslim world in Cairo and through his personal leadership and the people that voted for him has caused the U.S. to be ranked the most admired country in the world, moving past 7 countries in only 8 months. Today he and his Secretary of State just brokered restored relations between Turkey and Armenia after 100 years of tension. But like the honorary degree from the University of Arizona, it’s still a little too early yet to give this man his props."

I saw this @ JookJoint. I wasn't going to say anything much, but I think it's sums it up for me.
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