LeBron James: Play With Heart.

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LeBron James is one of the most magnetic players ever to step into a basketball court. He's not only a great athlete but also a person who gives all, in every situation. He shows resilience in the struggle, plays every moment with passion and the pure drive to win. In october 2009 he pledged his heart to the game. Will you?

I worked on this project as lead designer seting the overall mood and color scheme, creating the enviormental images, the branding, web interface, wallpapers, and a font for the personalized bage the user gets after pledgeing. All aspects of the site was designed so it could be localized to the different regions of the world such as Asia, Europe and South America.

Produced @ R/GA

Other creatives/producers who in some way contributed to the project: Ryan Romero, Ray Sison, Colin Kim, Jason Hoff, Nigel Goodman, Jill Nussbaum, Andrew Hsu, Cesar Marchetti, Diego Zambrano, Seth Cheeks, Josh Balik, Thomas Chan, Tai U, Peter Knif, and Douglas Dousier.


Creative Direction;
Douglas Dauzier
Colin Kim
Jill Nussbaum
Andrew Hsu
Jim Hord

and the always funky... Mr. Jason Hoff, ladies and gentleman!!

Art Direction;
Rasmus Wangelin
Diego Zambrano
Cesar Marchetti

Ray sison
Seth Cheeks

Interaction design;
Ryan Romero

Nigel Goodman

Quality Assurance
Adam Cantwell
Nauman Hafiz

Josh Balik
Tai U
Peter Knif
Thomas Chan
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