Indonesians want to be Black.

Stole this from Prostituted Thoughts, who stole this from  CopyRanter, who in spite of Cheney approved interrogation tactics refuses to reveal sources. Water-boarding sucks . It's an ad for Clove Cigarettes. The idea and the sell and the Indonesian TA is supposedly as follows:

"...todays young adult Indonesians, our targets, want to be the actors of their life and stay true to their self. They are doers whodont want to be in the same position as the older generation. They aspire to have a different narration and fight to achieve their ambition and dreams they are a generation of starters who take action while others are waiting. They are todays modern heroes the action generation. Brand A is the pioneering, daring spirit of progressive Indonesia. And thats why Brand A is by their side as they Go Ahead."

So todays average Indonesian that smokes this brand of cloves want to be a better version of themselves, which involves black face??? Crazy, black, skinny doppelgangers. Within the past 2 weeks, this has been the 3rd incident of  blackface. I'm seriously missing something....

Agency: Bates 141

My thoughts: It seems to be another black face commercial for sure, intentionally derogatory, I doubt it. Often times that's the worst kind of racism. But should a culture in an entirely different part of the world be expected to consider the feelings of "other people" when selling products to a targeted few? There are somethings that will become increasingly misnomered racist. As cultures clash due to the world tightening nature of technology. Things as simple as highlighting this part of the post in red is considered offensive in parts of the world. But sometimes an anthropomorphized shadow is just an anthropomorphized shadow. That doesn't mean you can always call a spade a spade though. The rash of blackface surfacing lately is just dizzying. I think it really attest to a softening of standards & ways of approaching race. We seem to take for granted a missing understanding a lacking true connection and communication.
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