Cyber Intern: Amina Patton

I have a cyber-intern. Or an internet -intern... internette® ? Hmm, there's gotta be a clever way to say that. Any ways like with most interns, she came up with the idea and like a good mentor I'm trying to figure out a way to cash in on it. Her name is Amina Patton and yes she is good. Have a look at some of her work. She works freelance and could probably be hired on if the price is right.

Here are a few words about Amina, from Amina;
I studied Visual Communications at Washington University in St. Louis. In those two years of major study, I realized I love design because it is visual problem solving. As a designer, I am always looking for answers to the challenge of my projects. I am naturally curious, so I also enjoy the research and conceptual work. I am very thoughtful about my work and have to be able to justify every decision I make. My dream gig would be more than likely be a music related because I am in a long term relationship with it as an artist. It continually inspires me and is always playing while I work. My favorite design elements are typography, texture, color, photography, and pattern. I am currently working on original designs that will incorporate all these to be used on what may grow into my own line of paper products. Outside of design, my interests run all over the place but music, movies, comedy, writing, good food and good conversation are high on the list.

Peep the future here.
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