The Blind Side: Movie Trailer

I'm not sure what makes Hollywood writers, directors, and producers think that it's still okay to invest millions of dollars in reinforcing the idea that all Black children need a chance at living just like white people in order to "make it". Whether it's dancingspelling, or eveneating in a restaurant, there seems to be a code behind the silver screen: let's show the Black children what they're missing.

Nevermind that the investigation of a missing 5-year-old is left out of most media outlets for weeks and we can still predict academic performance by race, ethnicity, and zip code. It takes more than a rescue to interrupt generations of oppression, not just a glimpse into how the other side lives... okay, okay, this is getting a little beyond lightweight.

In this coming feature, we see the height of The Great Rescue. Not only does "Big Mike" get lessons in interacting with small children, he gets to feel sheets, play football in full uniform, and hug white people in public. 

Seen @ Light Weight Racism
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