Wal-Mart: Rulers are More

Simple, cute & well written. It could be a general market spot. But it has just the right amount of visual cues to make it very at home for the African American market. Its sentiment is really devoid of race. At the end of the day it feels sweetly American. I think a lot of that feeling is infused by the "television english" voice over and the great cinematography. You really have a hard time getting any ethnic vibe from the voice talent. The African instrumentation led by the kalimba adds a bit of flavor but in a subtle and ultimately airy way. The only part I don't like is the look on the guy with the glasses' face. That little cutesy side-eye was not needed. But over all it was "well did." They should get a bigger piece of the Wal-Mart budget pie so they can get one of those big ass general market advertising factory compound type offices!

Global Hue

Thanks D!
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