Tyler Perry's Bad All By Myself: Posters

Taraji P. Henson is ripping up all kinds of troubled sultry on this the second (or third) teaser poster for Tyler Perry's latest comedic romp de cinema.

Somehow the design team manages to rip all kinds of troubled design ideas from Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs. I read that it may be an "homage" (pronounced all fancy without the 'H'). If by "homage" you mean; blatantly rip-off a great idea, water it down and serve it up to another market who probably have never seen it before, then this my friend is an homage of the highest caliber. Careers have been built on this brand of shiftiness, present company included. I still like it for this market.

I think this is the original poster for the movie below.

...and now the attitudinal, situational, confessional, spiritual, Tyler Perryful trailer.

Tyler knows how to get a large segment of Black folks to the movies, post haste –– Don't hate!

Seen @ Tambay's house Shadow and Act
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