Music I'd like To See in a Commercial: Part X: Anjule

Anjulie | Boom from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

I've been listen to Anjule for a few months now. I've found no shortage of blog fodder lately so I've been enjoying her selfishly. But as her star-light shines brighter I figure it might be time to share. After hitting #1 on the Billboard dance chart with "Boom" her slinky, Nancy Sinatraesque 60s era vibe, first single, pop music alchemist Anjulie has released her self-titled debut album from Hear Music, August 4th. mtvU recently tapped her as one of their "Freshman 5" this summer. Couldn't you see this music as the sonic backdrop for a flirty lingerie or parfum spot. Or take it another direction and score a power tools for women commercial. Is that sexist?
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