FootLocker/Nike: Kevin Durant Hyperize

Yet another mock-rap video. I don't hate all rap video/commercials. But this has become the advertising default position for so many agencies/companies that it makes you wonder what's going on? Who the hell left the gate open? How many times can a creative groups say, "this going to stand out." I'm not a big fan of saying something has been "done" as a lot of advertising sites like to go on about. Just as if everyday people sit around and study advertising with the same level of intensity and concern as advertising professionals. But at some point concepts/ideas/executions begin to overlap and appear with such great frequency that it becomes almost appalling. I understand the enduring popularity of rap and how it has become a shorthand to quickly address a certain demographic, but come on. How about a little tweak on the idea or a complete rework of this same concept. Perhaps the commercials could apply a layer of irony or a base of fresh levity and insight. At least this spot forgoes the hard core coonery that often besieges this type of spot.

The group is made up of Fog Raw (Rashard Lewis), Velvet Hoop (Kevin Durant), Chief Blocka (Andre Iguodala), and Ice-O (Mo Williams) and the song coincides with the new Hyperize aka Hyperdunk. See if you can spot DJ Quik in the video.

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