CP+B's interns, great training for the industry?

The insensitivity train just keeps on rolling, this time it's the kids who are being taught that this behavior is just fine. As a matter of fact we laud and support it! Aw, aren't you babies soooo cute, that's right baby, mock the coonery again for mommy.

What's with the subservient chick(en) role the women play in this video?

If they dressed and mocked native Americans the same way would this be right?

Is this the best "bright" young interns given free "creative" reign could come up with? An outmoded over wrought "white rap" video? Wow.

Can anyone cite one new or innovative thing in this piece or is this the dreaded first idea we've all be taught to abandon at the neophyte stage in our careers?

The future looks bright.
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