McDonald's McCafe: Dwele part duex

This is an addition to the Dwele McD's McCafé campaign. I've been searching for it (a version I could show love to here) for a while now. I guess they have an aversion to youtube and are trying to maintain control of the spots even after they are aired. It is available at 365 Black however. But some little YouTube pirate picked up their camcorder (and all kinds of copyright violations) and grabbed it right from the old fashioned TV screen complete with warped moiré pattern and all. This is what happens when technology goes wild, but no fault of the agency. I wish they would release this to more public media like YouTube sooner – or at least give your boy a copy?

For what it is and its intended audience it is pretty good. The commercial is a great continuation of the smart branding and promotion of the Mcsweet stuff. I'm not mad at the "Dualing Dweles" concept and the exclusion of 70's voiced MC from the last spot. Although I have noticed dude got his Don Cornelius like rousing rhythmic rapping introduction to a cup of coffee spot out too, "Introducing an Indulgent Interlude..." there's some intense illustrative ill iteration going on there! The cast of Dwele is so perfect for this product. Is talent off the meter, he has enough cool minus the edginess of some performers. Dwele also posses the perfect blend of hot and cool sounds that make this spot work. Good job. Keep pushing it Burrell!!!
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