Finally a new website for Culture Advertising Design

We've been plugging along for months (years) at my little agency (teeny) with an old website. You see I am not a web designer (at all) and my interns (slaves) haven't been able to (ever) produce a web site we were happy with. I'm (a picky bastard) proud to announce we didn't design one at all (crowd roars). Instead we just bought a wordpress (cheap bastard too) template and tricked it out. So now you can see our (attempts at ) great work and there is even a place for (cuss-outs) comments. We've actually been working on a lot of web sites (plugging things to wordpress templates) these days. I may go so far as to say we (can get over) offer this service!
So see our stuff and (laugh) hire us for creative direction, art direction, graphic design (blah, blah, blah) etc. We do it for (that's right keep selling) Radio, TV and Print. We've won many awards (don't get me started on awards, but that's another parenthetic) and are cost friendly.
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