Wu-Tang Design Remix Project

As much as I love Wu-Tang Clan, there has always been something unmistakably lacking when it came to their finished product. The subpar album art gracing most of their CD and vinyl album covers--save ODB's amazing ones--irked graphic designer Logan Walters as well. So like any person with a penchant for creating visually stunning imagery, he set about on his "Wu-Note Project." Though he's only created 12 of 21 total Wu-Tang album covers, Walters' attempt to elevate the music's greatness by paying homage to those classic Blue Note album covers serves as the perfect bridge between Hip Hop and it's undisputable forebear, Jazz music. Check after the bounce for another one of my favorites and check here to pick your own.

These are crazy gorgeous.

Wu-ed from Ill Mami @ the always sword swangin' SoulBounce!!!
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