Sounds Set 09

This event is over, we all missed it. Well, not everyone, but that's not why it's here. It's here because I always try and extol the virtues of inexpensive ad making. Here they probably used Adobe CS3,not four because people have been a little reluctant to upgrade in this economy, but C$4 is incredible, so get it if you can. Anywax, they used Adobe products or something very much like it to create an entire spot and it aint half bad. I really like the addition of the old Al Hudson and One-Way song 'Cutie Pie' they scorched this joint with. Oh sweet 80's baby! I think Al Hudson has a trove of music that would be great in a myriad of advertising uses. Note to self; pitch clients on using Al Hudson & One-Way music in commercials. There's songs like 'Push', 'Pull', 'Pop it' all things a brand could own or leverage. Or may just create some corny ass out of step adverting. Approach this eighties music with caution.
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