Thanks Black-Ad Fairy

It seems I missed out on just where to find the Dwele and McCafé extended remix version featuring Conya Doss. Well, it's right here! I mentioned the 365Black McDonald's site last week but apparently forgot to check it for relevant material. So while I was talking all that yang about what they coulda-shoulda had did. Well, they "had" did it already. Yep, did it and did it well. It comes complete with background footage of the recording session with ubiquitous cups of McCafé in camera shot. They also drop in the wonderful singer Conya Doss to spice things up just a bit more through expressing her love for vanilla. Calm down black ad-radicals she means the flavoring. They even give you the extended 90 second spot where Dwele actually gets to sell you a song, I mean sing you a sip, I mean croon you a cup of liquid love. We still get the tongue twisting M.C. brewing up his bubbly brotherly banter (I'm one to talk) at the top of the spot but hey, it works.

Thanks Black-Ad Fairy!

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