Power & Equality in Advertising ((re post))

I love this. You could pretty much put an afro on an ass and I'll post it. It is such an iconic reminder of Black Power and the Black Power movement.

I wonder how do we take power in the advertising industry. For me it was starting my own shop. I don't answer to the same old power structure but have to deal daily with the same influences. It's still very empowering. In the 60's & 70's we found our way to the beginnings of real power through ownership and activation of communities, organizations & individual efforts. During reconstruction we got busy with the vote and elections and made things happen. Until some Americans realized that we were taking office and making changes. (Watch out Obama) But advertising seems to still be holding on to ways of old.

What do we do? How do we get in? Do we really want in? Will getting into advertising a major numbers render us impotent? Like before segregation ended in the states (did it really), there were bastions of black businesses. After segregation... well, not so much.
When and if total integration happens in the industry what happens to Global Hue? What happens to UniWorld? If major advertising houses reach a number of say 12 to 15% African American staffing (and that is al it would take) across the board. Do we loose power? Are we needed, As African American Agencies?

You know the holding companies are going for all the dollars at that point. Can you blame them? Can we still seize power? Jesse Jackson Jr. says, I'm paraphrasing, "The problem with the black power movement was that after all the protesting and marching and a few civil rights were granted, they simply kept marching and protesting. They never seized the all elusive but necessary power!" We can't come out on the other side of this racial issue in advertising as marketing eunuchs.

I swear this started as a blog post about Afros & Assholes, Then I changes the title to 'The Proud, The Proper & The Powerless, Blacks in Advertising,' I don't know how I got here.
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