McDonald's McCafe: Dwele

Here is the McCafe commercial that features Dwele. I think it's a pretty good R&B track on it's own. Dwele's always creamy smooth flow works wonders for the brand. This makes for such great blend of marketing, smooth quasi-neo soul and syrupy sweet coffee concoction. I'd really like to see more of the performance that's what is really telling the story and wonderfully i might add. The music is an audio personification of this product! Personally I could go for a lot less of the 1970's DJ-speak & hard sell in the beginning. The agency did a good job, but all the voice-over sounds like the marketers were afraid to let the spot be what it was intended to be. I assume that it was a smart musical introduction and an ongoing brand support piece for the "new" drinks. We get about 6 seconds of the real commercial. That is Dwele singing an incredibly un-commercial sounding ode to a cup of coffee and dude nails it. That's what everyone is talking about on the wonder-tubes aka the inter-blogs. Man, give us a uninterrupted (not stepped on, no V.O. perhaps viral ) long version of the video and a leaked track, you know like the record industry would do.
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