Mocha choca-latté-ya-ya

Above is the general market version of the McCafe commercial, which I really dig. It's a smart usage of the brand nomenclature with a smart and catchy repetition.

There is a 'smooved' out McD's McCafe commercial featuring Dwele out there on them there nets 'sunwhere'. I can't find it. So here is a bootleg youtube homemade jigga-rig version of it.

I have notice that McD's is ready to kill Starbucks in this whole "War on Flavor™" thing they got going. Ronald McDonald and friends see S-Bux on the ropes and they are going in for the knock-out! They've done a complete site take-over at Looks like somebody knows where their coffee gets creamed or vice versa, if you know what I'm sayin' here.

Meanwhile, back at the Pike Place MarketPlace original Starbucks HQ. A crack savvy team of slightly pissed but, strangely still kinda polite baristas, not to be undone by the newly caffeinated red and yellow clad clown, have thrown a few baby-punches at the competition. The campaign in a nutshell implies that McDonald's coffee better watch it.

Yeah, it's about five bucks less
than ours, but... but nevertheless a price!
Ughn! In your clown paint!

"nanny-nanny boo-boo, you muffin-head"
Take that, take that!

"Ummm... we're rubber, you're glue?"
I thought I told ya that we won't stop!

The word on the nets is this is a One Hundred Million Dollar take-down. Does Starbuck even have an African American Agency of record? Word to Howard Schultz, Black people like coffee too and we over index on just about everything we buy (see wikipedia under gold dookie rope chains in the 80's). If I were them I'd be trying to sell Lattés to the mocha choca-latté-ya-ya set stat. Black people could actually make Starbucks cool again. You know yall would. We'd be drinking Grandés all pretentiously with gang signs wrapped around the cup. Then there would be slow trickle of other folk watching but not commenting and then mysteriously doing the same thing. We see you lookin'.
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