White Ass Ads Wednesdays???

I'm thinking about integrating the blog a bit more than it all ready is. You know, something original like "White History Month" -or- "White Ads Wednesdays," Should I do it?

I'm always poo-pooing half hearted diversity initiatives. Perhaps I should take a little "initiative" myself and 'extend a open hand' to the 'clenched fist' that is advertising today!

Then let this be my opening salvo of... um, *high-pitched voice* white love! Yes, white love. Sorta my own version of a pedagogical perestroika. I can no longer ignore the black elephant in the room!

So on this day I will extend an olive brach, no, plant a seed, (I can go one better) perchance offer up a slice of a certain green hulled, juicy red fleshed summertime fruit (rhymes with shorter felon) that has enough seeds to metaphorically match my love. That most delicious and oft maligned fruit, that shall forever remain nameless in this post. But it's got them seed. Lot's of seeds, like my love.

From hence forth this site will add a little color...? Add a little absence of color? Have a little less color, yeah that's it! This blog will reduce the melanin count from time to time, in order to white-a-tize... no, um, Colorize... Damn, this is hard. I see what advertising agencies go through! It's hard to integrate or reverse integrate or whatever I'm trying to do here.

By white ads I mean ads like this (see below)

No Actual white people were harmed during the production of these ads as no real white people were used. It is our express intent to show pure and clean white love and never defame or mistreat any person(s) regardless of any ethnicity, race, religious affiliation or lack of rhythm.
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