Hattie's: Hood Food???

"There are only 2 reasons why you come to this part of town. Drugs and pecan crusted catfish."

"When people say our Bleu Cheesecake is to die for, they mean it."

"We drizzle our quail with Balsamic Demi Glaze 'cuz that's how we roll."

Let's see, Drugs, check! Death, check! And we need a little slang, um, How we roll, check! I think that just about summarizes the denial and suffering of the underprivileged. Did we leave anything out? No, I think we're good with drugs, death and slang, that's what they do down there, it's, ahem, how they roll! The perfect ingredients for a poor ad campaign that seems to patronize and borders on the prejudice side of things.

Surely someone lives in this neighborhood you refer to who would be offended. But they can't read, right so we're safe. Maybe the agency sees it as a playground for the privileged. A place to buy really good fried chicken and drugs. As if they are virtually synonymous.

You don't want to aggravate the Black Bob Garfield! (I kid, I'm a kidder.)

TM Advertising, Dallas, USA
Creative Director: Bill Oakley
Art Director: Jason Duvall
Copywriter: Hayden Gilbert
Illustrator: Jason Duvall
Photographer: Andy Mahr
Digital Artist: Patrick White
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