Navy: The Navy Landed Me Here.

Here is a humorous campaign for the Navy created by the good folks at GlobalHue. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see a fresh & funny approach to such a well, serious client. It's always tough to hit the right note comedically with the African American audience when it comes to advertising. I think that's in part due to the rich historic layers of comedy and the intrinsic part of African American communication that humor is to the community. Genuine African American humor is such a holistic & natural endeavor that it is hard to translate into most genres of advertising. I have failed often. By fail I mean, I got lots of laughs but, directed mainly at my foolish attempts (the whole at me, not with me thing). So, I think this is a bold attention getting effort.

U.S. Navy
Creative Director: Rob Hendrickson
Sr. Copywriter: Justin Trapp
Sr. Art Director: Matt Laufer
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