Associate Creative Director: Aubrey "Oosaki" Walker

Welcome back y'all to the soul talent train. Where the hits just keep on coming. Let me introduce you to another really talented hard working brother, this guy exudes creativity. Lately he's been calling himself "Oosaki," I think that means passion in his own language, I told you the brah was creative. I don't think I've meet a more determined creative soul. At his core he's a writer, but I suspect the internal writer has many fights for dominance with the manifold creative personalities that haunt this dudes inner dome. I have watched him, from a distance mostly, go from student to intern to damn near top of the creative food chain. When you have the heart of a lion and the smarts of a pensive pachyderm, that aint very hard to do. I suspect we will have a lot more Oosaki type experiences to come.

Aubrey does the kind of creative the African American market deserves. I can attest to how hard it is to push through any thing remotely like a concept for this market. It's a fragile line to walk. Companies come armed with research, numbers and mind sets that demand safety and conservatism for the AA market. Conservatism for the most liberally creative market in America, Hmm? It must be the Oosaki magic pushing his ideas to fruition. Thank God for Oosaki!

Dude eats fresh dookie chains for breakfast. That's how you feed a beast!

Aubrey Walker
Alter Ego: Oosaki
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