IESU: sushi delivery

"We attract many Japanese. But it's OK, we don't have karaoke."

"The same day a Japanese stole another one's sushi, karate was born."

"Japanese are crazy about miniatures. Check out our prices."

"It's better having Japanese cooking than studying for tests."

Sniff... is that...

Sniff, sniff... smells like...

hot fresh...

sniff... yes it is!

twice warmed over stereotypes.

I know that smell anywhere.

Well it's been a while and I really hate to do it. But they had to go there and it's only fitting that I go there as well. I'm not mad at the art direction but, these are ass-tastic ads.

Advertising Agency: Fields
Creative Directors: André Sartorelli, Fernando Lopes
Art Director / Illustrator: Lucas Zaiden
Copywriter: Paulo Lima
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